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Photo magnifying glass 13178943

magnifying glass
ID: 13178943
Author: Nobilior
Country of origin: Russian Federation
Title: magnifying glass
Original: 800 x 800 px
Color mode: RGB
Available licenses: XS - XXL | V | XV
File size: 180.289 kB
Vector type: svg
Release: no


This photo titled magnifying glass is photographed by the author Nobilior. Photo is taken in the State Russian Federation. This photo magnifying glass can be used for many purposes. For printing, in marketing, advertising, on flyers, web, such as picture or photo in magazines, newspapers, books and other media. Photography can be used for any promotional purposes, as well as an image or background to printed documents or presentations. Buy a basic non-commercial or commercial license this photo enlarged magnifying glass.

Vector compatibility

By purchasing this product - licence V, XV - you get a vector artwork for further processing. Vectors are compatible with Adobe and some others applications. For some applications, like CorelDraw we are not able to guarantee full functionality because it is a hobby program that can not operate correctly with the complex vector formats. Vector can be converted to standard JPEG image.

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This photo can not be placed on social networks or use it for creating logos!

License XS, S are supplied in a resolution of 72 dpi. All dimensions listed in cm are calculated for 300dpi.

VectorPhoto magnifying glass can not be downloaded within subscription.

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