Video clips, video themes

Video clips, video themes

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Examples of permitted use of videos

  • - advertisement, television, cinema
  • - professional films, animated films, videos
  • - reports, news, documents
  • - illustration videos
  • - websites, blogs
  • - multimedia presentations
  • - illustrated by film clips
  • - animation for mobile phones
  • - prmotional videos
Photobank and videobank Fotky&Foto offers You at the moment more than 85,000 videos and video clips in. avi,. mov. flv formats for Your non-commercial and commercial use. All offered video clips are as well as photos Royalty Free and may have any use without any time or distribution limit.
LicensePrice fromMinimum resolutionFPS (frames per second)
S8.7 €230 x 24024 - 25 - 29.97 - 30
M17.4 €640 x 48024 - 25 - 29.97 - 30
NTSC26.1 €720 x 48629.97
PAL26.1 €720 x 57625
HD 72034.8 €1280 x 72024 - 25 - 29.97 - 30
HD 108043.5 €1920 x 108024 - 25 - 29.97 - 30
X174 €1920 x 108024 - 25 - 29.97 - 30


Important parametres

Aspect ratio

Aspect Ratio is the ratio of the horizontal and vertical sides of the video. Common formats are 4:3, 16:9. When buying videos choose your desired format, otherwise you must trim your purchased video.

FPS - frames per second

Frame per second (Frame Rate). The standard is 25 or 29.97 frames per second. Choose video clips with your needed FPS. We offer all the usual FPS.

File type

Make sure your purchased video has the propriate video file format. Generally licenses of HD, PAL and NTSC videos are provided in .mov file. Web licenses S, M are provided in .avi, mov, .flv, .wmv.

The resolution of the video

The resolution of the videos is measured in pixels and closely relates with the video format. PAL televison broadcast uses mostly 576 rows, NTSC 486 rows, HD formats 720 or 1080 rows.


Codec is a program or a device, that encodes and decodes a video from the format of stored data to the correct form and back. Codecs are essential components of multimedia players and programs working with videos.

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